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And if you have any questions or comments about any of the 'ideas for practice' that you see here, or are wondering what to teach and how to teach it, don't hesitate to share your thoughts with others in the network - get in touch.

How to improve children’s language awareness at primary school 

- an article in The Conversation, an independent online magazine featuring articles sourced from the academic and research community written for a general audience.

Looking for ideas? – check out IRIS, a repository of over 3,000 data collection materials for students, teachers and researchers. All materials on IRIS have been used to collect data for peer-reviewed publications. More information and links on our Resources page. 

Check out a link site: SUPL (Southampton University Primary Languages) - a group of primary foreign language researchers and teachers who are collaborating to design, implement and evaluate foreign language teaching resources. Like RiPL, they are committed to raising the profile of primary foreign languages, and to supporting schools to meet the challenges of the Primary National
Curriculum. SUPL has a particular focus on foreign language literacy.

Interested in the history of primary MFL teaching? Want to know how we came to be where we are? Here we present brief histories of language teaching policy in primary schools to give context to current practice.