Spanish resources from the Spanish Embassy

Spanish resources from the Spanish Embassy

One of the most important aspects when it comes to implementing learning situations in the classroom is a selection of resources by the teacher which imply the activation of knowledge, which help create a suitable learning environment, and which encourage the active participation of the student.

These resources, which should derive primarily from authentic materials, are an important source of motivation and interest for the child. Songs, posters, and stories are examples of materials which can make a significant contribution to the acquisition of communication skills, whilst at the same time making learning fun.

The Spanish Embassy offers a wealth of authentic and fun resources.

New Primary Spanish Guidelines - Primeros pasos is a teaching guide for learning Spanish at Primary level in both Spanish and English. These are a general guide which will assist with any MFL teaching.

Primary teaching materials on offer are listed in this PDF download, supplied by Jesús Manuel Hernández González, Spanish Embassy Education Office.

• Songs are the most popular language learning resources for Primary students. Use them constantly, and with different learning purposes. Your student will enjoy themselves whilst they learn a MFL through music.

• Stories are one of the most widely used language learning resources. They are a source of motivation which capture the attention of the student from the very first page. Tell a story every time your students ask for one!

• Posters are enormously useful visual resources for approaching thematic content. Make use of them with your students to start or review concrete aspects that you want to work on.

CPD for Primary-school teachers

Last week the First Spanish Show & Tell took place in our Spanish school "Cañada Blanch" in Portobello for over 30 primary teachers of Spanish, who enjoyed the event a lot. Next terms event is planned around 'escape rooms'. Excluding our main workshop, all the actions and CPDs for Primary teachers are free of charge.

Support for teachers

The Embassy has developed a Moodle Platform where teachers can not only download activities and resources but are able to share ideas and materials with others. This is a free tool and access to the site will be given once teachers have registered a few basic details.

The Language Magician

The Embassy also has a Moodle platform to guide and support teachers of Spanish to help them make the most of The Language Magician. This is also a free tool but to receive access to the Moodle Course, please register first.