Summaries of Research: Teaching

We have only seven key themes on our RiPL pages at the moment. Many articles, book chapters and documents relate to more than one theme, or fall under other themes that do not yet have their own page or pages. Summaries of those research articles appear here. Many of them were carried out by practising teachers.

As with all our summaries, each is worded to be reader-friendly, and covers no more than one side of A4.

If you have any questions about the research, would like to know more, or would like to get in contact with the author(s), please contact us.

How children view their language learning just before and after moving to secondary school
Chambers, G. N. (2016)
PDF Document

ages 10 to 12

children's attitudes


ages 5 to 7
gesture & storytelling
retention & recall

Using gesture to help young children learn and remember vocabulary
Porter, A. (2016)
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Using storytelling to teach vocabulary in language lessons
Kirsch, C. (2016)
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ages 10 to 11

retention & recall