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RiPL Newsletter 10 - Webinar Special
July 2019
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Key features
Webinar panel presentations
Questions and answers
Listen again webinar link


RiPL Newsletter 9
May 2019
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Key features
Language policy in the media
New book! Early Language Learning and Teacher Education
Write away! - Clare Seccombe

RiPL Newsletter 9 - additional pages:

School Focus Page and SUPL workshop event

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RiPL Newsletter 9 - additional pages:

RiPL White Paper Summary

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RiPL Newsletter 8 - White Paper Special
5 March 2019
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Key features
White Paper Summary, and key recommendations
RiPL Blog

RiPL Newsletter 7
February 2019
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Key features
School Focus: Hackney Primary Schools
New Eurydice volume



RiPL Newsletter 6
December 2018
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RiPL Newsletter 5
October 2018
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RiPL Newsletter 4
July 2018
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RiPL Newsletter 3
June 2018
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Key features
Olympia 2018
Primary French Project
New Book: Multilingual Matters
Herts for Learning

Key features
SUPL update
Festival of Social Science
CPD training
Language Magician, Language Show
NALDIC conference

Key features
RiPL policy summit
BAAL Applying Linguistics Fund
Report: AILA research network in early language learning
Report: Workshop on L2 learning


Key features
CEFR update
IRIS resources and data centre
Essex Language Conference for Teachers (ELCT)

RiPL Newsletter 2
April 2018
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RiPL Newsletter 1
March 2018
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Key features
Bilingualism Matters - Launch of East of England branch
SUPL - Southampton teacher-research group

Key features
Introducing RiPL
Seven key areas of research