RiPL Network

All the members of the RiPL network are involved in research, working on projects which relate to children and second language or foreign language learning. These projects are exciting, innovative and interesting. Here, we present some of our members and the work that they are currently engaged in, or planning for the future. Researchers and teachers,  parents and carers, teacher educators and policy makers - combining expertise to make a difference to primary language learning.

The research aims to better understand the nature of second language (L2) knowledge, what impacts on it and how it develops over time. The team want to know more about how we learn second languages and how this differs from the way we learn our native language, and  how we can learn and teach foreign languages more effectively.

Questions we are asking, and which we also hope to answer, include: 

  • Does being multilingual impede or facilitate the language learning process?
  • What role do individual differences play in this process?
  • Is it true that the earlier a child begins to learn a language in school the better the outcome?
  • Do children with English as an Additional Language (EAL), monolingual learners and teachers draw on the multilingual expertise in the classroom, and if so, how?
  • What do children with EAL, their classmates and teachers think about foreign language learning?
  • How can cultural competence and intercultural understanding be systematically taught?

The RiPL Network Committee


RiPL Chair: Florence Myles   Co-Chair: Bernardette Holmes

Professor Florence Myles chairs the RiPL network, which is hosted by LaDeLi, University of Essex.