Summaries of Research: Literacy, foreign language learning and wider academic achievement

Here you will find summaries of research papers that relate to literacy, foreign language learning and wider academic achievement.

Each summary is worded to be reader-friendly, and covers no more than one side of A4.

If you have any questions about the research, or would like to know more, please contact us, or the theme leader, Alison, at this address:

Raising children’s metalinguistic awareness to enhance classroom second language learning
Tellier A. & Roehr-Brackin, K. (2017).
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ages 8 to 9
starter languages
aptitude & language awareness



ages 9 to 12
teaching approach
teaching time, proficiency, etc.

How do teacher factors and the way teachers teach impact on children’s FL knowledge?
Graham, S., Courtney, L., Marinis, T. and Tonkyn, A. (2017)
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How learning a second language influences young children's literacy in their first language
Murphy, V., Macaro, E., Alba, S., & Cipolla, C. (2015)
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ages 7 to 9
literacy in the L2 helping literacy in the L1
grapheme-phoneme correspondence

ages 8 to 12
starter language
metalinguistic awareness, aptitude

Esperanto as a tool in classroom
foreign language learning in
Roehr-Brackin. K. & Tellier, A. (2018)
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