Research in Primary Languages

We're a group of researchers, practising teachers, teacher educators and policy makers investigating and reporting on the use and learning of languages in primary classrooms. The teaching and learning of foreign languages in English state primary schools has been a compulsory part of the curriculum for all children at Key Stage 2 since September 2014. The National Curriculum states that teachers may teach any modern or ancient foreign language, and should ensure that children make substantial progress. But schools and the individual classes within those schools are all different, and so are the composition of the classes and the teachers teaching them. Context really does play an important part, and a one-size national curriculum, however worthy in intention, is not always easy to teach! Here we explore issues, gather and share ideas, discuss, and evaluate with the aim of supporting and improving foreign language teaching.

RiPL Network

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Key Themes

Seven areas of key research looking at issues and challenges for the teaching and learning of foreign languages in primary schools in England.


One-page, reader-friendly summaries of research related to language teaching in schools.


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